Preparing our children for future ridicule.

A particular resolution passed unanimously at the Liberal National Party (LNP) state conference in Brisbane, Queensland reminded me of the recent “evolution wars” in Texas, USA, where narrow-minded, backward thinking, superstitious, scientific illiterates tried in vain to get the teaching of evolution banned from their state’s curriculum, because it threatened their belief system. Well it seems the narrow-minded, backward thinking, science illiterate, out of touch, angry old men of the LNP want to have the teaching of human induced climate change banned from the curriculum of Queensland schools.

The backward science illiterates of the LNP heirarchy

These morons backed a motion by one of the other morons, a LNP member from Noosa, Richard Pearson, who labelled the more than 70000 climate experts from around the world, ”false prophets who would poison the minds of our children in our schools”. Then borrowing heavily from the Bible of denialism, WUWT went on to say, ”Few people understand that the so-called science of climate change is really what can be defined as post-normal science.” Read about it here.

It is well-known that the conservatives especially in Queensland are very close to the mining industry with people like mining magnate Clive Palmer a card-carrying member, and his companies, major financial contributors. Clive Palmer, and mining people like him, stand to lose the most when our politicians finally wake up and hold them accountable for their raping of the environment and subsequent vandalism. In the meantime, they know they can’t win the argument with intelligent adults, so now they want to catch them early, while they are children.

The irony is, that on the 16th March, 2012 the LNP released a media statement titled, “Preparing our children for future success.” I guess it depends on how you define success. Is it defined by how much environmental degradation one can create? Is it defined by how many scientific facts can be ignored? In that media release or policy statement or whatever it is, it says, ” The LNP will work for families and our children’s future by revitalising Queensland’s schools to get the basics right and make our education system world class.” Also, “Science and Technology will be a key plank to the LNP’s plan to grow a four pillar economy and create jobs for Queensland families.” One can only wonder what sort of world class science and technology education doesn’t include the truth about human induced climate change when that truth is endorsed by all the world’s leading science institutions? I mean seriously, what the hell is wrong with these people? Are they that mentally deficient? Here are the facts they don’t want Queensland children to know.

These are of course just a handful of so many more that are unequivocal in the support of the evidence for human induced climate change. To ignore it is juvenile and dangerous. To deliberately misinform children about the it, is child abuse. One can only hope that Campbell “I’m in the business of coal mining” Newman will ignore the insane rumblings of the narrow-minded, backward thinking, science illiterate, out of touch, angry old morons of the LNP and opt for sanity and scientific honesty. I won’t hold my breath.

Finally, I feel for any teachers who have the prospect of being forced to lie to the children they teach. I hope that, if confronted with that moral dilemma, they tell the LNP to stick it where it fits and do the right thing by these children and give them the respect they deserve by being honest and teaching them the truth.

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