What is it with deniers and their insecurities? Recently I was visiting a denier den blogsite called Bishop Hill which was highlighting a recent WUWT post about homogenisation of surface temperature data. It’s the post where Anthony Watts misrepresented the status of a conference abstract and presentation as a “peer-reviewed paper” and which I commented on here.

I decided to mention Anthony Watts’ tactic in the thread and was immediately targeted with comments about this blog and not one person bothering to answer the questions I had raised. Typical. Anyway, eventually someone suggested I had not answered a question raised by one of the mob (apparently its only ok to dodge questions if you’re a denier) so I duly answered. It was in relation to the baseless fraud allegations raised by Douglas Keenan against Phil Jones and Wang. This is what I replied.

and surprise, surprise if it didn’t attract Doug Keenan himself! I am truly blessed. These people must get an alert when there name is mentioned or at least are as thick as thieves and in cahoots. So, this was Doug’s response.

I duly checked out the letter that Doug had written and it was full of the smae garbage I have already mentioned. Of course, if you want to check it out the address is there in his post. I replied…

To which he replied…

Okay, you see what happened there? the good Bishop Hill decided to step in and remove a few posts. I’ll be honest, a couple of them were off topic as one was an attack on my character from some idiot and the second was my response to said idiot. Fair enough although a little disappointing because I believe my response was rather witty. Anyway, if that was all that was removed I’d be happy. I questioned Bishop Hill…

Last time I checked this comment was still there but as yet I haven’t received a response so I am guessing I am unlikely to. I also wouldn’t be surprised if this last comment of mine disappears. So,what was the contradiction? Well, Doug Keenan is trying to appear like he isn’t the hardcore denier that he is so I found a quote of his. I had to go back through my emails for the original confirmation email from Bishop Hill with my comment. Here is the screenshot.

Apologies for the size of that. The important part is the second last paragraph. I quoted Doug…

April 5 2011 ” I believe that what is arguably the most important reason to doubt global warming can be explained in terms that most people can understand.” Doesn’t sound like someone who “accepts that his allegations do not on their own change the global picture”

I then went on to say, “So what do you believe Douglas?”

I have to wonder why this last comment was removed? I am just assuming that it is a deliberate case of censorship for the sake of protecting one of their own, which is of course is extremely dishonest. There are suggestions getting around that Anthony Watts has been engaging in a bit of censorship in regards to his own statements about his former hero now turned enemy Richard Muller. Its happened to me also at the official blogsite for the Climate Sceptics Party as I demonstrated here. So what is it? Is it paranoia? Is it an extension of being a Wig (wilfully ignorant git- I’m trying to start a meme)? Whatever it is, it’s juvenile and sad. To look at the whole exchange….while its still there…go here. If I ever get a response, I’ll post it.


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