David Archibald addressed the senate?

In response to a comment below my post about David Archibald, I decided to check things out. There is a website belonging to the Institute of World Politics (IWP). The IWP is a “Graduate School of National Security and International Affairs”. I don’t know quite what they are about other than their list of guest speakers has former heads of the CIA and former diplomats, most of whom seem to be from central American countries. Whatever, I don’t know what their story is but given they are giving David Archibald air, one has to wonder where they sit. Archibald as I pointed out in a previous post, is a whole world of crazy.

So, what is it of Archibald’s they are promoting? Check this screenshot out.

David Archibald addressed the Senate?

The page can be found here. It asks you to click a link for his “testimony”. What it opens up is a speech transcript from Archibald presumably to a Liberal Party conference asking them to select him for a spot on a senate ticket. That is a long way from testifying “before the Australian Senate.”

I emailed the IWP asking for their clarification.

my email asking for clarification.

I am yet to receive a reply. I have subsequently contacted David Archibald. See below.

Time will tell if I will get a reply. I doubt I will and I’ll just have to chalk it up to more dishonesty from deniers.

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