Denier comment of the day, August 25, 2012

Well, normally I post idiotic comments that demonstrate scientific illiteracy or wilful ignorance from sycophantic followers of various deniers. Today, something a little bit different.

The way conspiracy theorist deniers carry on about new taxes and how its going to affect them or tea party idiots in the USA complain about healthcare is symptomatic of the two main conditions afflicting them…selfishness and greed. They don’t want to change their way of life for the greater good and certainly not if they think its going to cost them money. And so they wrap themselves up in a wilfully ignorant blanket and refuse to see what’s going on outside their own little world. Well today’s denier is sort of like that except he doesn’t deny that the climate is changing or even that it is our doing. What he does deny is that it is going to have a serious effect on anybody. Everyone will just adapt apparently. Anyway, his name is Chip Knappenberger and here is his comment.

Largely oblivious and better off? I suppose if you’re a middle class self-absorbed, ignorant twit who can’t see outside of his own house or office, that’s probably true. I can only wonder if good ol Chip would be prepared to go and say that to the families of the victims the fires in Spain, the people in California losing property in fires, the people in China who experienced three tropical cyclones in a week,  the 850000 people in the Philippines affected by floods, the farmers in Kazakhstan and in his own country experiencing the worst droughts in living memory, the people in Korea also experiencing record drought, or the people in Japan experiencing flooding from receiving a full year’s worth of rain in just a few days? I can only wonder if good ol Chip would be that callous face to face. “Oh Jose, you lost your family in a fire? Ho hum. You’ll adapt.”

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