Anthony Watts’ words are sacrosanct…just ask him.

Actually, there’s no need to ask him. Actions always speak louder than words and the big crybaby Anthony Watts’ has certainly taken action against some of his detractors. Yesterday I reproduced a comment that had appeared at WTFIWWAW which I felt was so well written and also a fair criticism of Anthony and his sycophants. It was written by someone called NeilT. Take a moment to read it.

Well, over at Neven’s sea ice blog, NeilT has written this in regards to his comment at WTFIWWAW.

So, a check back through Anthony’s post where NeilT had managed to get his comment posted revealed that it has in fact disappeared. tsk tsk tsk. My regular readers know that I have been banned from posting anything at WTFIWWAW simply for asking which journal Anthony thought he could get that blog reviewed garbage he recently wrote published in? I was reasonably polite and it was a legitimate question.

That was enough to get me banned. Anthony replied that he was “showing me the door” from commenting on his blog because of the content of my blog. What a crybaby. Swallow some cement and harden up princess. Nevermind, it just reaffirms in my mind what I’ve known about Anthony for a long time. so, it will be interesting to see whether Entropic man is also permanently banned.

Here is a man who takes money from right wing thinktanks to produce rubbishy “science” claiming he isn’t a political lobbyist. Well, I suppose he isn’t lobbying directly but he does his thing knowing full well who is going to use it and for what purposes, so maybe “lobbyist” isn’t quite the right word. Perhaps political prostitute is more apt? Whatever he is, he obviously feels he is above criticism and will do what he can to hide any criticism of him. Insecure? Narcissistic? Dictatorial? Sanctimonious? Whatever he is, I know what he isn’t….and that’s respectable.

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