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Jo Nova telling the truth

Here is a screenshot of her latest post.

“Tyrants always want to silence the critics”. I guess she means tyrants like Anthony Watts, Steve McIntyre and herself.

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Denier comment of the day, September 30, 2012

Something a little bit different. It seems Jo Nova has finally gotten her site back up and running after the NWO and Illuminati run by Jewish cabals organised a hacker to shut her down. Anyway, her post titled “Bingo!We’re back… :-)” has this to say. I’ve highlighted the bit I like.

There are many details to iron out, but thanks to some pesky hacks, I now have a bigger support team, a larger network of shared expertise, a much larger server and eventually, as we work through the site, a more efficient, faster site, that is more resilient, more stable, with a better back up system. I’ve also had a few very helpful donations.

We’re not protected by a soft media, a large public purse, and we don’t hide behind a censored fake debate as so many do.

They can attack, but it only makes us stronger.

More soon…

Please report things you notice here that need a fix.

We are aware of the thumbs up, and a few missing image links. Tell us how the service works for you.

The Temporary site is still up, and may stay there indefinitely. So  if you had a comment or conversation there: Not there yetStill not there yet,  I needed a holiday and  “Sunny Days” . Thanks for your patience.

Oh, where to start Jo? Where to start? How about with some honesty? How about some reality? How about a bit less conspiracy ideation? Perhaps a lot less hypocrisy? How about less censorship? Finally, a bit less paranoia? Did I miss anything?

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Deniers are deniers

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Denier Hall of Fame

In light of Anthony Watts being an arsehole for revealing the private details of non-deniers who comment on his blog, I have decided to induct him into the Denier Hall of Fame.

Congratulations Anthony Watts!

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Anthony Watts

Well, it seems Anthony crybaby Watts is not only a sanctimonius prick but possibly one of the biggest arseholes getting around. Apart from going back on his word about revealing the private discussions illegally obtained from SkS, he has now taken to revealing the personal details of people who post on his blog…only the non-deniers of course. I have been at the end of that nonsense when I posted a comment from work and he revealed my university claiming I had breached the university’s policy, which I hadn’t. Anyway, he banned me from commenting after that. So let’s see what Anthony has done.


I am not providing a link to the post.  Although it’s no doubt easy enough to find, I am not going to compound Anthony’s offence. So Anthony is now really starting to reveal his true colours. He is a nasty, self-obsessed, beligerant, sanctimonius, untrustworthy coward. His goal seems to be to drive away dissenting opinions from his denier den so that he can revel in the admiration of his sycophantic bootlickers as they engage in their orgies of scientific illiteracy inspired conspiracy ideation and idiocy in peace.

I actually see this gradual decline in standards at WTFIWWAW as evidence that crybaby Watts is starting to see the writing on the wall for his lunacy. Eventually the money he receives from Heartland will dry up and he will have to shore up support from his ever-willing to donate serfs, like the parasite he is.

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wtf is wrong with these people?

I was out and about looking for a denier comment of the day and stumbled onto something even better. Anthony Cox. That’s right, Anthony (I like to pretend I’m a climatologist) Cox. Now, I realise not many of you would know or even care who Anthony Cox is but he’s one of my favourite deniers because he is a poster child for the Dunning Kruger effect. He is also the secretary of possibly the most batshit crazy political party in Australia, the Climate Sceptics Party. These people are the poster children of denial because they believe every denier meme there is, provide links to videos of “Lord” Christopher Monckton on their website, think blogs are scientific references and the list goes on. They are classic. Just check their official blog. Thankfully they attract about 0.2% of the vote at election time. Anyway, I was over at WTFIWWAW and came across Anthony’s comment

Fairly innocuous stuff I know but he then provides a link to something he refers to as a “paper”. I’ll put the link to the “paper” a bit further down,  but here is the header.

Oh. It’s a conference manuscript. Anthony Cox, when are you going to realise that this sort of thing is not a real “paper”? it certainly hasn’t been published in a real journal and it certainly hasn’t been through peer review……what’s that? It has been reviewed? By whom?

Ohhhhh by you (a lawyer), Geoff Sherrington (a historian) and Ken Stewart (an Excel Expert). You know what I find really amazing is that the author, who by all accounts actually seems to have some stats credentials albeit in Ecological Niche Modelling, has run this “paper” by two clowns and an historian. Very strange indeed.

Anyway, as you can see by the title of the “paper”, and Anthony’s brief description it’s all about data adjustments by Australia’s BOM and how it’s apparently dodgy. Excellent, let’s go and check out the abstract .That’s the place I always like to start when I read a paper.

“High rates of type I error…..” False positives, and lots of them hey? Sounds serious. Better go and check the methodology to see how many type I errors you’ve potentially discovered.

Right. Well, there you go. Seems legit. All this reading and writing is making me hungry. I wish my cherry tree would hurry up and produce some fruit.

Here’s that link. Wear headgear.

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When amateurs attack.

Here’s an interesting one. I was over at Jo Nova’s temporary new site having a chuckle at all the conspiracy ideation going on surrounding the closing of her old site. In amongst all the claims of hacking there were some classics Here’s an example.




Really Paul? You think the feds are in on it? Step away from the keyboard Paul. Get some fresh air. Another comment caught my eye. This dude also reckons it’s about censorship. His comment below is directed at whoever “hacked” Jo’s site.


At this point, I feel the need to direct Mark H to this post. The woman whose boots you lick Mark H must be, by your definition, faint-hearted. Anyway, denier comments isn’t the main point of this post. Further down the page of comments at Jo’s was an entry with a link to another blog called “The View from Here” where readers are asked to participate in a survey. Before you go there, please read the rest of this post. What this survey is, is an extremely amateurish attempt to try to prove a point and it is a classic example of how not to conduct a poll. Rather than explain what is wrong with it. Here are two comments I posted that are sitting in moderation that highlight the main problems.



How do I know it has only been posted on denier blogs? Well, here are the preliminary results.


82% of voters voting for James Delinpole. That’s how. Anyway, I’m not going to ask my readers to go there and vote in any particular way..unless of course they want to, but for me, it so badly designed, worded and executed, it can only produce dodgy results. I am inclined to think that now I have highlighted its flaws, anyone going there from here and voting will render it completely void. It will be interesting to keep an eye out at Jo Nova, Bishop Hill or any of the other sites in the blogroll of “The View from Here” for the survey results. I will make a point of directing people to this blog entry when I see it.

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