Anthony Watts

Well, it seems Anthony crybaby Watts is not only a sanctimonius prick but possibly one of the biggest arseholes getting around. Apart from going back on his word about revealing the private discussions illegally obtained from SkS, he has now taken to revealing the personal details of people who post on his blog…only the non-deniers of course. I have been at the end of that nonsense when I posted a comment from work and he revealed my university claiming I had breached the university’s policy, which I hadn’t. Anyway, he banned me from commenting after that. So let’s see what Anthony has done.


I am not providing a link to the post.  Although it’s no doubt easy enough to find, I am not going to compound Anthony’s offence. So Anthony is now really starting to reveal his true colours. He is a nasty, self-obsessed, beligerant, sanctimonius, untrustworthy coward. His goal seems to be to drive away dissenting opinions from his denier den so that he can revel in the admiration of his sycophantic bootlickers as they engage in their orgies of scientific illiteracy inspired conspiracy ideation and idiocy in peace.

I actually see this gradual decline in standards at WTFIWWAW as evidence that crybaby Watts is starting to see the writing on the wall for his lunacy. Eventually the money he receives from Heartland will dry up and he will have to shore up support from his ever-willing to donate serfs, like the parasite he is.

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