Denier comment of the day, September 30, 2012

Something a little bit different. It seems Jo Nova has finally gotten her site back up and running after the NWO and Illuminati run by Jewish cabals organised a hacker to shut her down. Anyway, her post titled “Bingo!We’re back… :-)” has this to say. I’ve highlighted the bit I like.

There are many details to iron out, but thanks to some pesky hacks, I now have a bigger support team, a larger network of shared expertise, a much larger server and eventually, as we work through the site, a more efficient, faster site, that is more resilient, more stable, with a better back up system. I’ve also had a few very helpful donations.

We’re not protected by a soft media, a large public purse, and we don’t hide behind a censored fake debate as so many do.

They can attack, but it only makes us stronger.

More soon…

Please report things you notice here that need a fix.

We are aware of the thumbs up, and a few missing image links. Tell us how the service works for you.

The Temporary site is still up, and may stay there indefinitely. So  if you had a comment or conversation there: Not there yetStill not there yet,  I needed a holiday and  “Sunny Days” . Thanks for your patience.

Oh, where to start Jo? Where to start? How about with some honesty? How about some reality? How about a bit less conspiracy ideation? Perhaps a lot less hypocrisy? How about less censorship? Finally, a bit less paranoia? Did I miss anything?

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