The loony right = misogyny?

I was looking in the usual places for a DCOD and stumbled onto one at Jo Nova’s from Anthony ‘climatologist not’ Cox. Going by his tag of “cohenite” he had this to say about Julia Gillard.

“…Lewinsky the issues are close to ONE of the controversies surrounding Gillard; which is, how can a women assert misogyny when her personal life is littered with affairs with married men, which by any standards, are a betrayal of the wife.”

Wow! “…littered with affairs…”? Really? There was some issue surrounding Craig Emerson as I recall but as far as I can make out, that isn’t plural and doesn’t resemble a past “littered with affairs”. For me though, I couldn’t really care less for politicians’ personal lives. But what is it with Anthony and his exaggerations? He is clearly exaggerating here and he has a history of exaggerating his own qualifications. Is it pathological? What other stories does he embellish? All of them?

Anyway, the topic of this post is misogyny. I find it interesting that Anthony chose the topic of Gillard’s attack on Abbott to make his point. There are plenty of other topics he could have used. Before I go on though, I have to wonder if it is actually possible for a woman to be a misogynist? Isn’t that a bit like calling a gay man a homophobe? Anyway, Anthony chose to highlight misogyny and I have to wonder if perhaps in doing so, if he is defending misogyny? This is of course idle speculation but let’s take a look at the political party he belongs to, the Climate Sceptics Party. Here is “The Team“.

Bill Koutalianos – President

Bill Pounder- Vice President

Anthony Cox – Secretary

Geoffrey Brown – Treasurer and blogger

Paul Bovolos – Newsletter Manager

Stefan Landher – Election blogger

Leon Ashby – Past president and Senate candidate

Chris Dawson – Senate candidate

Beau Woods – Senate candidate

Terry Cardwell – Senate candidate

Gordon Alderson – Election strategist

I guess all the little women have to make scones and pour cups of tea for the meetings so these mostly middle-aged, scientifically illiterate white men can get on with the important business of ….. whatever it is they do.

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