Denier Comment of the Day, November 4, 2012

Well, I’m a little time poor today so I took the easy route and wandered over to WTFIWWAW in search of a comment of the day. Sometimes it’s actually a little more difficult than I think it’s going to be because I don’t ever want to grab just some run of the mill denier nonsense that litters those pages. I’m always looking for something that really personifies denial and today I found a good one.  I am always referring to the wiful ignorance of deniers and I am often secretly impressed with the willpower needed to constantly ignore the overwhelming evidence that is employed by deniers. One thing you rarely see though is a frank admission of wilful ignorance. Normally they will quote this or that blog, or point to some unreviewed manuscript or propaganda piece and genuinely believe that what they are citing is relevant or worthy of scientific status. So today, I was pleasantly surprised by the following comment.  Wilful ignorance in all its glory.

Wilful ignorance admission from a WUWT follower.

Yep nc, its easier to be wilfully ignorant on the internet. The problem of course is you are visiting Anthony crybaby Watts’ site and all you get there is bullshit. Anyway, thankyou for at least being honest enough to admit you are only interested in confirming your bias. You’re like a breath of fresh air. At least it doesn’t challenge your scientific illiteracy.

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