Denier Comment of the Day, November 13, 2012

Well, on the internet you can be anything. I could claim to be a brain surgeon or part of the royal family for example. I could also claim to have climbed Mt Everest or wrestled a shark. None of those things are true of course but I could potentially get away with inventing a persona like that as long as I didn’t write something that made it obvious I wasn’t telling the truth. Introducing Bob, whose comment at WTFIWWAW does just that.

Bob and his qualifications

Oh Bob, even first year undergraduates that I teach know about carbon isotopes. Surely someone with research experience in all of those things knows about carbon isotopes? Surely someone with such a background in scientific research knows how to find some basic information on the internet?

Bob, I don’t think you worked in those fields unless it was 50 years ago and you’ve spent the rest of your life since then living under a rock. So congratulations Bob, for outing yourself. Well done.

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