Denier Comment of the Day, November 30, 2012

I have to hand it to Eric Worrall, my new favourite denier, for demonstrating the ability to make idiotic comments that demonstrate not only his silliness but also his laziness. Yesterday, Watching the Deniers posted a short piece reporting on a new heat record for Victoria that saw Mildura and Hopetoun both crack 45 degrees C to eclipse the November record for the state. Eric, true to form raised the spectre,not of the urban heat island but jetwash. Here is his comment.


Well, let’s just take a look at a few things. First, let’s just check out Mildura Airport. Here is a picture courtesy google maps.


As you can clearly see, Mildura is a small airport with two runways. One runs north/south and the other pretty much east/west. The first thing to notice about these runways is that they are different lengths. The shorter runway which runs north/south is 1139m long. The main runway running east/west has recently been lengthened from 1830m to 2100m. Now, the majority of planes that utilise Mildura airport are propeller driven planes like the Saab 340B, Q300, Q400 and the Bombardier Dash 8. These planes pose very little risk of jet wash. Jet driven planes that utilise Mildura airport are Boeing 737’s and Embraer 170 and Embraer 190. All of these planes need more than 1500m of runway for take-off with the  E190 needing 2056m at maximum weight.

So, where does that leave us? ALL jet aircraft utilising Mildura airport are using the main runway which runs from east to west. So, where is the weather station in relation to the runways and the airport in general?

Mildura airport weather station which is located approximately 250 metres, SSE of the short runway.

Hmmm. Not only is the weather station 250m away from the short runway, but it also more than 750m away from one end of the runway that jet aircraft use. Does jet wash travel that far? How much wind would be required to push jet wash that distance? hat direction and speed was the wind travelling when the high temperature was recorded? Well the answer is a WNWer at about 9 knots.

I wonder if Eric bothered to do a little bit of research or if his natural tendency to disagree with everything that points to AGW just takes over? Whatever, keep them coming Eric. You have given me the opportunity to learn a few things about aircraft that I didn’t know. You should try researching things yourself, Eric. You never know, you might come to realise that your inane ideology is incompatible with reality… or is that what you are afraid of?

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