One of the Unknown Unknowns revealed ?

Climate change will result in changes that are known, known unkowns and unknown unknowns.
this research perhapes one of the unknown unknowns now revealing itself

Cloud Forest Trees Drink Water Through Their Leaves
Dec. 12, 2012 — Tropical montane cloud forest trees use more than their roots to take up water. They also drink water from clouds directly through their leaves, University of California, Berkeley, scientists have discovered.
While this is an essential survival strategy in foggy but otherwise dry areas, the scientists say that the clouds the trees depend on are now disappearing due to climate change.
“The study highlights the vulnerability of this rare and already endangered ecosystem to climate change,” said Todd Dawson, senior author of the study and UC Berkeley professor of integrative biology. Changes in cloud cover have already been correlated to declines and disappearances of cloud forest animal populations, such as frogs and salamanders.
The new study will be published next year in the journal Ecology Letters and is available online this month

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