Confession , I am in Denial

posted by john byatt

I have an admission to make; I am in denial, the science tells us that pre humans climbed down from the trees and began to walk upon the earth millions of years ago.

THAT we developed our tastes.

SWEET, because sugar gives us energy and an evolutionary advantage.

BITTER, because it gave us a better chance of not ingesting poisons

SALT, so we got the right amount rather than not enough or too much.

SOUR, again to prevent poisoning and waiting until fruit had more sugar.

Of course there is much more to it,

I reject all these things and probably always will. I reject that we climbed down from trees. I totally reject the now scientific acceptance of the Unami taste. I could write a pretty good article why I believe that carbon dioxide was the real reason that we ended up with a strong desire for much sweeter foods. I will not bore you with that but just affirm that that is my belief.

What I do not deny though is that the science is probably correct and that it is me who is wrong. I will still argue the toss however but will always concede to the science. If the science is on your side, you win.

It is possible then for us to deny many scientific understandings due to our own limited anecdotal musings but at the same time accept the likelihood that it is us who has got it all wrong? From my admission that is possible.

Can climate change deniers do that? Can they accept that their own denial is due to a limited understanding or even just a faith that an all powerful god and not humans will decide when and how we are exterminated? Can they even accept that they are the ones who are probably wrong?

Is denial a way for us to cope with an unwelcome prognosis, a self delusion which allows us dismiss it and get on with our lives, free from even needing to evaluate the total scientific database?

Obviously the denial of whether we climbed down from trees is not one that would have any dire consequences; the denial of Global warming however does indeed have serious consequences, not just for me and my grandchildren but for everyone’s future.

Would love to get a better understanding from people’s own perspective of why they reject the science, while requesting total honesty from them.

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