What do these things have in common?

Ok, something a little different and being a Sunday, in honour of the Sabbath, I have decided to be a little bit lazy and just post one of my videos. Some may be offended by the title when they see the content and I am more than happy to discuss it and whether I think they personally are idiots or not.

I was prompted into this direction by some recent discussion here on my blog and others about the link between religion and climate change denial and about what constitutes pseudoscience. This video isn’t meant to be an educational thing in any way in that I have made it purely to generate discussion and to suggest that many of these things have something in common. None of them are grounded in science. I made this video some time ago and in hindsight would have included a lot more climate deniers because climate denial deserves a special place amongst the other crackpot beliefs I feature.

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