BOM’s new colours

Well, it seems we are getting a two-day reprieve from the heat wave where I am with temperatures back down in the low to mid 30′s before climbing back up to the 40′s again. There has been plenty written in the last few days about our record-breaking heat wave and the bushfires which continue on unabated. For me one of the most startling images to come out has been the BOM’s interactive temperature map. Why? Because for the first time, they have had to add two new colours to accommodate temperatures over 50 degrees C (122F). We can no doubt expect to see more and more  pink and purple over the coming years.

The BOM's interactive weather chart has had new colours added to accomodate the record breaking heatwave, the result of AGW.

The BOM’s interactive weather chart has had new colours added to accommodate the record-breaking heat wave, the result of AGW.

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2 responses to “BOM’s new colours

  1. George Montgomery

    Meanwhile, the ostriches continue to quote heatwave stories from the 1896 edition of the Charleville Courier, the second verse of Dorothea Mackellar’s My Country, and their childhood memories of summer in Marble Bar. Topped off with their choice of punchline – “It’s been worse” or “It’s happened before” – they dismiss anthropogenic global warming and bask in the comfort of their own hubris and ignorance.