Proponent Comment of the Day, January 26, 2013

I probably need to change the names of these “comments of the day, for a couple of reasons…

1. I don’t do them daily.

2. I rarely do them on the day the comment was made.

But then, if I see the comment on a given day then from my perspective it is the comment of the day…I think I’ll stick with the format.So today, I was looking for info for an upcoming post and stumbled onto a comment that really gave me a chuckle. Ignore the fact that its more than 2 years old. To me, given my affection for the Climate Sceptics Party, it is timeless (as long as they exist). I really couldn’t resist this comment. It is a simple yet profound comment.

For context, the author, one Sam Wylie was lamenting the disproportionate representation Tasmania has in the federal lower house virtue of a conflict between the constitution and Australia’s population distribution. So here is his comment…

“On the matter of close elections, my vote could still decide the outcome of the whole thing.  I live in the electorate of Hasluck in WA.  Ken Wyatt (Lib) leads Sharyn Jackson (Lab) by only 300 votes and the gap is narrowing.  I am proud that the first indigenous member of the lower house may be elected in Hasluck.  Not by me though.  When I went into the polling booth my green paper showed  7 candidates for the lower house.  One was from the Global Warming Skeptics party, so I knew straight away who to put last.  Unfortunately, the Liberal Party itself is a party of global warming skeptics so I reluctantly had to put Mr Wyatt near the bottom too.”

Beautiful isn’t it? The full post is here.

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