Only thing missing in this was the close ties between abbott and david oldfield and the irony that a large number of the grumpy old white men who hang out with tea party types here are former one nation supporters and are now avid abbott supporters. A good read.

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Political Comparisons. Australia and the United States.

What seems to have been lost in the endless political sleazy meanderings of the past two years is the remarkable similarity between US republican election strategy and that of the conservatives in Australia. From the day President Obama was elected in 2008 Republicans sought to delegitimise him. Out came the Birthers supported by Donald Trump who claimed he wasn’t born in America, and of course then came those who said he was a Muslim and a communist. Over his first term of office the GOP developed a totality negative attitude toward any policies that might create jobs and improve the debt crisis created by Bush. They used shock and awe tactics, the filibuster and told blatant lies about almost anything and everything. It fact during the last election Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan took lying to a place hitherto unknown. Romney was credited…

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