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To those who haven’t been paying attention to Monckton’s Burke & Wills-style tour of Australia (everybody), I have decided to bring this exchange, between Tweeter @Jansant and Monckton’s Wagga debate organsier @rodgerrodgersu, to your attention.

The exchange was posted here.


I am wondering if the Climate Change Debate that Monckton will be attending (19th March) will be open to he public? May I suggest you extend an invitation to Dr Tim Flannery to participate, who I am sure would be delighted if he has no prior engagements. It seems only fair if one side of the debate has a man who is highly accomplished at lies and distortions to have a real climate change expert to bring balance and truth to the debate.


Lord Christopher Monckton is his title so why don’t you show the same respect to him that you show to your beloved…

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