Attack of the scitards

What’s a scitard? It should be fairly obvious to anyone who isn’t a scitard. Essentially not understanding exactly what peer review is or how important it is in ensuring science is sound is a sure sign that you might be a scitard.

My favourite blogger, Geoffrey Brown, the official blogger for the Climate Sceptics Party, has demonstrated yet again, his severe lack of understanding of the importance of peer review is on display yet again in his latest post where he discusses more bullshit from  “Emeritus Professor Don Easterbrook PhD” (notice the excessive use of titles and qualifications rarely seen amongst serious scientists). Essentially he says  “Emeritus Professor Don Easterbrook PhD  has published extensively on issues pertaining to global climate change.”

So what has the brilliant Easterbrook “published” on global climate change? Well……..nothing actually, at least not in the peer reviewed literature. A full list of the brilliant Emiritus Professor with a PhD can be found here.

When will these idiots, like Geoffrey Brown, realise that when it comes to science, realise they are retarded?


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