CSP – climate sceptics party or communist and socialist party?

The Climate Sceptics Party are worse than communists. So there is no confusion, that is the “No Carbon Tax Climate Sceptics Party” How did I arrive at such a conclusion? It’s pretty straight forward really. Let’s talk very briefly about freedom of speech and assembly.

In 1842, Karl Marx argued in favour of a free press, decrying censorship as “a tool of the powerful to oppress the powerless.”

Just prior to WW2, Mao stated “[the people] should subject … the party in power, to severe criticism, and press and impel it to give up its one-party, one-class dictatorship and act according to the opinions of the people….The second matter concerns freedom of speech, assembly and association for the people. Without such freedom, it will be impossible to carry out the democratic reconstruction of the political system.”

And what do the CSP think about individual freedoms? Well according to Geoffrey Brown, the official blogger for the CSP, James Hansen, renowned NASA scientist and occasional climate activist should be stripped of individual US constitutional freedoms.

“As a Government employee he shouldn’t have taken part in protests.”

So, according to Geoffrey Brown and the CSP, individual government employees should not share the same rights as other people in their spare time. In light of how Marx and Mao felt about freedom of speech and assembly, one can only wonder what sort of restrictive political system the CSP envision for Australia? Remember…these morons want your vote.

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