Denier Comment of the Day August 21, 2013

Rise Up party candidate for the federal seat of Capriconia, Paul Lewis

Rise Up party candidate for the federal seat of Capriconia, Paul Lewis

Every time there is a federal election in this country, new and strange political parties tend to pop up like daisies along with some colourful and entertaining individuals, all wanting to have a tilt at being elected to parliament. Good on them I say. It’s a sign of a healthy democracy that everyone has that opportunity. For me, I find these parties and people highly entertaining in what is usually a frustratingly long election campaign. I am also happy that many of them are prepared to just say whatever they think regardless of how they are perceived. There should be more of that from our major parties, but equally I am glad that these people rarely get elected because many of them are batshit crazy.

Every now and then we discover some pure gold in the crazy stakes. I would like to thank JB for providing a link to an article in one of his local papers about a candidate in the upcoming federal election. This has actually provided me with a real dilemma. There are so many things to look at it, that are so idiotic, it is difficult to choose just one. I’m also unsure whether I need to comment at all because it pretty much speaks for itself. Whether it’s the conspiracy ideation, the over the top predictions that god will destroy Australia because of gay marriage or the fact he thinks if he’s elected he’s going to singly have the power to disband government bodies, it’s all pretty nutty stuff. Here is the full article from the Gympie Times in Queensland.

‘UN caused CQ floods’, says Capricornia Rise Up candidate.

Emma McBryde 21st Aug 2013 8:54 AM Updated: 9:57 AM

CAPRICORNIA’S newest federal candidate believes the United Nations contracted a private company to cause the floods in Central Queensland in 2010 and 2011.

Rise Up Australia Party’s Paul Lewis yesterday expressed concern his views might not get him elected.

But he believes he has a better chance in Capricornia than in his home-town of the Gold Coast.

Mr Lewis said he told the newly-formed party he would be willing to move to Rockhampton and he liked the area.

“I came to Capricornia because it’s a marginal Labor seat,” he said.

“I knew this seat would be more winnable.”

The self-proclaimed born-again Christian said he had visited friends in the region over the past six years.

During his visits in the past three years he said it was obvious “weather manipulation” technology was being used.

He said aerial tankers bought by a private company from the US defence force were sub-contracted by the UN to spray chemicals on clouds over CQ in 2010, causing high levels of rainfall.

Mr Lewis said Labor was mindlessly following a “global agenda”.

He said Capricornia needed a voice in Canberra that was not politically correct and would not bow to the agenda of “global masters”. Mr Lewis explained the “global masters” consisted of large, wealthy families across the world who also own Australia’s four major banks.

“The general population has been dumbed down to accept the government we’ve got,” he said. “I am a disciple of truth. There is a spirit of deception that covers the whole world.”

Mr Lewis said part of the “global agenda” was legalising same-sex marriage.

He said Australia had a soul and would one day be physically annihilated by fire, like the kingdoms of Sodom and Gomorrah in the Old Testament, if same-sex marriage was made legal.

According to the Bible the people of Sodom and Gomorrah suffered God’s wrath for their sins, particularly of homosexuality.

Mr Lewis described same-sex marriage as one of the biggest issues facing Capricornia.

He believes gays can be taught to be heterosexuals again through Jesus Christ and his teachings.

Mr Lewis agrees with most of the teachings of the Christian pastor who created the party, Sri-Lankan born Daniel Nalliah.

The party was launched by British climate change sceptic Lord Christopher Monckton in February.

“When I get into power I will be disbanding the climate change commission,” Mr Lewis said.

So, there you have it. A plethora of idiotic comments to choose from. Take your pick. While there was no direct quote from Mr Lewis, if he did suggest that his views might not get him elected, it would have to be the understatement of the year. I mean seriously? I have a prediction and I will be watching. Without knowing who he is up against, I predict he will get fewer votes than the informal count for the seat. If he doesn’t, it will reflect very poorly on the people in the electorate. Watch this space.

Original article here.

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