Greg Hunt – not very good at his job

For anybody not paying attention to our bumbling new Government, here’s a little gem for you that I think demonstrates a couple of key things…

1. Greg Hunt is ignorant…….. ( I was going to list a few things here but after I started I realised I would be here all day)

2. Some people are very quick and clever when it comes to taking the piss out of our politicians.

Prior to the election I highlighted how half of the coalition members are climate change deniers and how a potential cabinet would look in terms of its members and their position on the science underpinning climate change.

Since the election we have found that the coalition government is filled with worse than the run of the mill deniers and is headed by possibly the most backward, conceted, sneaky, discriminatory, elitist and dishonest leader we have ever seen. He and his band of merry men (I include the only female member of his cabinet, Julie Bishop) are good friends of mining magnates, serial polluters and the whackiest of the whacky rightwingers among the IPA,  Australia’s version of the Heartland Institute.

Abbott and Hunt’s climate policy, the useless Direct Action policy, will actually result in 16% higher emissions while handing money to their mates. I have outlined what direct action is here.

So, it is no surprise then that Greg Hunt, in defending his leader’s appalling slight to the head of the UN’s climate negotiations, Christiana Figueres, stated in a radio interview that there is no link between climate change and New South Wales bushfires, and cited Wikipedia as evidence. Yep….Wikipedia. That cover’s Greg Hunt’s ignorance, so what about point 2 above?

Well, within a very short space of time, some smart cookie made the following entry into Wikipedia under “Greg Hunt”..

removed version

Bwuuahhahahaha. Moving quickly, presumably somebody from the LNP contacted Wikipedia and this happened….


Vandalism. Ironic I think given the Coalition’s climate policy.


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