Abbott cannot deny this…

Maurice Newman, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott's advisor, reveals his new headware.

Maurice Newman, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s advisor, reveals his new headwear.

Australian Prime Minister Tony “climate change is crap” Abbott, regularly denies that he denies the overwhelming scientific evidence for anthropogenic climate change. To demonstrate his acceptance of the scientific consensus, he wants to introduce his plan called Direct Action. This is what it looks like…

Direct Action

To further fight climate change and demonstrate his unwavering care for the environment, his government has approved the expansion of the Abbot Point coal and gas terminal, given the green light to Clive Palmer’s massive coal mining operation in the Galilee Basin and divested the Commonwealth’s environmental responsibilities to individual States, effectively opening up the opportunities for Campbell Newman to further damage the Great Barrier Reef, the O’Farrell government in NSW to devastate agricultural land with unfettered gas fracking and the Tasmanian government to log old growth forests.

Anyway, it seems now, his main advisor, Maurice Newman is an ACC denying conspiracy theorist. Yes, you read that right. The main advisor to the leader of my country, is a conspiracy theorist, and Abbott cannot deny it.

From APP:

An attack on the United Nations climate body by Tony Abbott’s chief business adviser shows the coalition is not serious about climate change, the federal opposition says.

Chair of the Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Council, Maurice Newman, accused the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) of “dishonesty and deceit” in an opinion piece published in The Australian on Tuesday.

Mr Newman said the IPCC had exploited the masses by promoting the “scientific delusion” of climate change, writing: “If the IPCC were your financial adviser, you would have sacked it long ago.”

Labor’s acting environment spokesman, Shayne Neumann, seized on the comments, saying they proved that the coalition did not accept the scientific evidence of climate change.

“The prime minister must ask Mr Newman to withdraw his comments which damage Australia’s relationships with its trading partners, all of whom accept that climate change is real and are taking steps to reduce carbon pollution,” Mr Neumann said in a statement.

“The worst part about Mr Newman’s ignorant comments is that he’s only voicing what we know Tony Abbott thinks about climate change.”

Mr Neumann said Australia was already a “laughing stock” because of the government’s push to scrap the carbon tax.

Abbott, if he is truly accepting of the scientific consensus, as he says, is surely now in an untenable position in regards to his advisor. Failure to sack the loony bastard will be seen as complicity. The bottom line is, nobody really believes Tony Abbott when he talks about climate change. He has changed his position so many times depending on who he is pandering to, it beggars belief. He surrounds himself with morons and every whackjob denier he can find. He is also on the record as admitting he cannot be trusted to tell the truth unless what he is saying is carefully scripted.

Now, this is where things get weasely…seriously weasely. As recently as November 13, 2013, Tony Abbott said in parliament…

“If I may, for the benefit of the member, say, the government accepts that climate change is real and that humanity does make a contribution, but the important thing is to take strong and effective action to deal with it.”

Abbott has made a few of these statements and they are misleading. In my opinion he has misled parliament as it is essentially lip service designed to confuse anyone listening to him. What he has done here is use weasel words to give the impression that he accepts the science underpinning climate change but he doesn’t quantify his statement. How much of our climate change does he think can be attributed to human activity? Is it most, in concurrence with the IPCC? Perhaps he thinks it’s minimal, in which case he is indeed classifying himself as an ACC denier. Where he does agree with the scientific consensus on climate change is that it is serious. If it isn’t, why take strong and effective action to deal with it? Right? (let’s ignore the fact that “Direct Action” will increase emissions by 16% by  2020 and put extra money in polluters pockets).

In the end, Tony Abbott will probably be able to deny that he misled the parliament by making a statement that he thinks climate change is mostly natural, and as such, in his underdeveloped brain, allowing increased mining activity and other environmentally destructive activities will have no effect. To be fair, it is a politically clever position to take in the short-term but I sense the tide is already changing since the election. With every bushfire, flood, cyclone, drought and record temperature and heat wave we experience, another nail is hammered into Abbott’s coal and oil funded climate coffin. With every tax break and bit of favouritism given to billionaire miners at the expense of the disaffected, disabled and disadvantaged, Abbott further ensures his political demise. With every broken promise, and there are many already, and breach of human rights poorly concealed, the boot to kick him to the curb gains a greater backswing. It’s only another 2 and a bit years of conservative garbage we have to put up with, and then we can get about acting like adults, applying our critical thinking skills, and doing what needs to be done to stop climate change. I’m counting down the days.

As for the conspiracy theorist, I suspect he won’t be going anywhere. The upside is he will be the gift that keeps on giving. I can barely wait for his next bit of lunacy.

The hashtag is getting a  short run and some of them are brilliant.

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