Queensland Resources Council head goes the full…

I can’t actually think of the word, but a picture tells a thousand as they say. I’m starting to build a collection of these…

Head of the Queensland Resource Council, Michael Roche, sporting his new hat.

Head of the Queensland Resource Council, Michael Roche, sporting his new hat.

Yep, this supposedly intelligent person in a position of some influence and importance is a conspiracy nut. Now, I fully understand that he has interests to protect…like his job, and it is his job to try and ensure the continued survival of the industries that remove minerals from the ground in Queensland. What I don’t understand is why he is engaging in conspiracy ideation? Perhaps it’s because in the face of the overwhelming evidence that the industry he represents is bad for the planet and every living thing on it, he has nothing left in his arsenal except for a perceived mistrust of foreign greenies by those he represents?

From The Courier Mail

The once passive community associations or progress groups have turned aggressively anti-development and at least 40 activist groups are champing at the bit to take on the Queensland mining and resources industry, particularly coal.

But the mining industry claims the groups have been hijacked and that well-meaning residents have been manipulated by an international conspiracy to kill off Australia’s fossil fuel industry through a well co-ordinated and deeply funded green movement.

“There is no doubt the activists have had it all over industry in terms of their agility and their resourcing and also the lack of constraints on them,” Queensland Resources Council chief executive Michael Roche said.

“The activists are very good at inhabiting those groups. There’s no doubt (they are being manipulated).

“They are very good at hijacking local concerns but then very good at turning those local concerns towards the ultimate objective which is to slow down the fossil fuel.”

So there you have it, shady international forces infiltrating local groups to implement a global agenda against fossil fuels. What this sort of nonsense does though is piles disrespect on the honest, hardworking and intelligent people with genuine concerns for their agricultural croplands, water resources and ultimately planetary warming. I say to Michael Roche, these people are intelligent people. They recognise the importance of scientific expertise. They care for their fellow humans and the environment. They also understand the vested interests of the small minority of excessively wealthy individuals you represent. Casting them as ignorant and easily manipulated is extremely arrogant and reeks of desperation and dishonesty. I also put it to you that the fact you engage in conspiracy ideation says a whole lot more about you than it does them. In the meantime, you might be interested in this.

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