Weakest argument ever?

I’m not going to go into too much detail here. Over at the Australian Independent Media Network blog, Kaye Lee wrote an excellent piece exposing some of the poor credentials of “experts”, deniers like Tom Harris from the International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC) like to rely on. Well, I urge you to go there and read for yourself. In the comment section, Harris had a bit to say exposing his ignorance yet again and when handed his arse in his hat, mercifully didn’t return. One commentator though, in reference to a photograph of Christopher Monckton in a link (probably because he had nothing intelligent to say about the article), had this to say…

blackFrom what I can gather, the photo in question was this one…


Given that he posed for this photo…… Anyway, if the intention was to focus on the symptoms of his Graves Disease, Kaye could have used these pics…


Personally, I think a more apt photo of Monckton that doesn’t highlight his eyes but his other disability, it would be this one….


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