21 flaws in Tony Abbott’s climate policy

By James Wight at Precarious Climate

Australia’s new Abbott Government intends to replace the former government’s climate policies with a “Direct Action Plan”, consisting mainly of an “Emissions Reduction Fund”. This post will examine the flaws of the proposals outlined in the recently released Green Paper.


They should have just called it the “Paper”, because it contains very little that is green. Large sections discuss how best to “allow businesses to continue ordinary operations without penalty”, “encourage efficient greenfield and brownfield expansions as an integral part of national economic development”, “allow businesses to determine their own approaches to ensuring emissions are at best practice levels”, “work closely with the [electricity] sector on how the policy can best apply to its needs” and design “flexible compliance arrangements”. The Green Paper says the policy is “founded on a presumption of economic growth as a positive and inevitable good for Australia” (if it’s inevitable, why is the Government going to such lengths to protect it?).


What we know about Abbott’s climate policies


Emissions Reduction Fund

The Emissions Reduction Fund is a voluntary incentive-based market mechanism supposed to deliver the cheapest possible emissions cuts. It will begin in July and will aim… read the rest here.

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