The Jurassic

A regular reader of this blog has sent me some poetry which I have faithfully reproduced below.

The Jurassic

Old LNP, you give us cause to liken you to dinosaurs!

For, though we cry for visions new, we only ever get from you

That ancient line, Big Money-backed; ‘The status quo shall stay intact’

(Except of course, where laws prevent extracting one-o-one percent

From planet Earth and working folk. Such laws you term a needless yoke)

And furthermore, old LNP, convince us that this cannot be,

That of your sitting members, HALF, consider climate change a laugh?

For, there’s a website, paywall-free, which highlights this, so all may see.

And as we read, what do we learn, from those whom basic physics spurn?

I’d blush to reproduce a word. Their thinking is beyond absurd.

Oh Wide Brown Land, we treat you thus! We choose by vote to speak for us,

In chamber, lobby, statue’d hall, some tiny minds that shame us all.

Contrary minds that argue ill and doubt that water flows downhill.

Observe that this unreason now, draws in, like gulls behind a plough,

The backward and the none-too-bright, both audience for shock-jock’s spite

Plus, bigots who express their views when marriage laws are in the news,

Predicting we will have at least, new unions, ‘twixt man and beast.

Such ignorance, cut loose to roam, seeks out–it must– the safest home.

And as you know, old LNP, it only ever comes to thee.


Evan Elpus

                                                                        August 2013

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