Reality check for Gina Rinehart

Greedy old fatcat, Gina Rinehart has been in the news in the last few days complaining about welfare recipients. Of all people, she should know exactly how hypocritical this is. This megalomaniacal, ignorant pig has had her snout in the trough of taxpayers since she inherited her abhorent father’s wealth, wealth that was built up with the aide of taxpayers money. It would be very hard to put a price tag on the amount of support her family’s empire has received (and is still receiving) but if it was a loan with interest she would probably have to declare bankruptcy if she was required to pay it back. Of course that hasn’t stopped her from sinking the boot into the most vulnerable by basically accusing them of having a handout mentality by saying that taxpayers’ money isn’t a “bottomless pit”. Well you greedy pig, you’re absolutley correct. It isn’t. How about instead of using your substantial taxpayer subsidised wealth to leverage support for laws that allow you to avoid paying tax, you actually do the right thing and refuse the substantial subsidies you recieve and pay your fucking taxes!

The ultimate an overfed leach..or tapeworm

Gine Rinehart- the ultimate parasite…like an overfed leach..or tapeworm

Anyway, someone much more polite than I, Kevin Price, had this to say to Gina.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Gina Rinehart and the reality of entitlement


I want to say this to Gina Rinehart and others who continue to ply this ‘tirade of entitlement’. First up, Ms Rinehart, my grandfather knew your father, quite well I believe, and although he did not particularly like the man, I’m told he held him in some regard as someone who had a vision and the balls to solicit substantial government assistance to realise it. I know this because the relationship between the two men was of entrepreneur and government minister responsible. They talked often.

So you need to be aware, Ms Rinehart, that you are the beneficiary of that government largesse that enabled your father and his partner, Peter Wright, to explore and….


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